"You need someone else to be able to look in the mirror. That’s why I, just after joining the board at Severinus, brought in Accezz International. Every organisation has blind spots, especially one like ours where most employees have been in place since a very long time. Accezz is able to adopt a helicopter view and possesses the type of objective distance and experience that is required when assessing operational processes. Is Accezz confrontational? Yes, definitely. But if you want to improve, you have to dare to dig deep,” says Geraline L. Leusink, Chair of the Executive Board..

It is worth the investment
Geraline adds, “A change programme with Accezz involves a substantial investment. That is quite a bridge to cross, particularly when cutbacks need to be made. But I think it is well worth it. Our quality has improved because we are now able to provide extra care with fewer people. We have already recouped our investment in the Accezz programme and achieved significant cost reductions within the first year. Partly because of this, we decided to continue with Accezz after the pilot and began the second phase.”

After Phase 1 started with Phase 2
She continues by saying, “For phase two, more of our residential homes have been included in the change process and, this time, the facility management team is also participating. Residential home coordinators experienced the improvements that resulted from the pilot phase first hand when visiting colleagues. What I find special is that a number of coordinators actually approached me to ask if they could take part in the second phase. It is great that our employees are willing to fine-tune their leadership style with the help of Accezz. Strong commitment is one of our core values and it shows!”

Employees have gained greater awareness
Geraline Leusink is proud that staff are still as happy as they were before the programme began. She says, “After all, nobody likes change. Before Accezz, we ranked as one of the 10 best employers in the Netherlands. I expect employee satisfaction to even further improve in the long term, not least because employees have gained greater awareness, experience more structure and are more capable of taking on responsibilities, thanks to Accezz.”

Exceptional in living together
Staff as well as clients are given certain responsibilities. Leusink concludes, “Responsibility is important to clients as well. There are plenty of tasks that they perform with pride, such as making coffee in the office, watering flowers and sorting mail. Accezz implemented changes to staff working procedures, which has in turn strengthened the human DNA of the organisation. We don’t just see this internally, but it is also visible to the outside world. After the Accezz implementation process, I received a compliment about one of our residential homes from a parent. She was happy that there are now more activities than before for her daughter. Partly because of Accezz, we are genuinely living up to our motto: ‘exceptional in living together’."

Curious about the results in the workplace?

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Dr. Geraline L. Leusink

Doctor MBA, Chairman of the Board of Directors Severinus

"Our quality has improved because we are now able to provide extra care with fewer people."

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