Several departments of Zonnehuisgroep IJssel-Vecht struggled to maintain control over their finances. To address the underlying issues and streamline business processes, they enlisted the help of Accezz. "With Accezz's intervention, €1.8 million in financial space was created."

Getting financial performance in order
Labor market tightness and limited financial resources pose broad challenges in healthcare. Revenues decline while (wage) costs rise. "Breaking that negative spiral can only be done one way: ensuring that the care provided matches the care needed," says Marcel van de Giesen, project manager at Accezz. At Zonnehuisgroep IJssel-Vecht, this was a challenge in some departments, but pinpointing the problem proved difficult, and financial control was lacking. "In consultation with the management team, we brought in Accezz. Hoping to get our financial performance in order so we could proceed with our merger," outlines Marco van Alderwegen, board member at Zonnehuisgroep IJssel-Vecht, the context.

The comfort of guaranteed results
For Marco, the result guarantee provided by Accezz was a decisive factor in initiating the collaboration. "I needed the comfort of that guarantee to gain the support of the Supervisory Board," says the board member. "It involves a significant investment outside the budget, but because it's guaranteed to be recouped, it's a justified decision."

Tailored approach
The first step in the project was analysis. "Based on their financial data, Zonnehuisgroep IJssel-Vecht already identified which departments were struggling to maintain balance," explains project manager Marcel. "We tailored and accelerated our approach accordingly. This allowed us to identify the causes of financial loss and initiate initial actions within a short period."

With rolled-up sleeves
During the project, Accezz worked as an ally alongside the managers of Zonnehuisgroep IJssel-Vecht. "Marcel and the consultants set up camp within our organization," says Marco. "Accezz didn't come in suits, but with rolled-up sleeves, sometimes literally. Clothing is also communication and can foster connection. They did that well." Although establishing that connection was sometimes challenging: "Marcel tweaked the right buttons, but there was resistance in some locations. Change inevitably brings resistance. Not everyone within our organization was open to change. Despite this, we managed to achieve our goals."

Leadership commitment
Marco found Accezz to be a company that follows through on its promises. "And they come in with their own materials, which they do well," adds the board member. However, he has a suggestion for improvement, both for Accezz and his own organization: "Before embarking on such a journey, it's important to assess the quality and commitment of leadership. So that leaders can actually take and maintain the lead. That wasn't always the case at the beginning of the project. We figured that out together, and it quickly became clear how Accezz's work immensely helped us."

Creating €1.8 million in financial space
In total, Accezz's intervention needed to create €1.8 million in financial space. "We succeeded," Marco concludes. "To do so, we had to tighten things up. The latter requires awareness of the importance of capacity management. It's a field that we're getting better at. I'm pleased to see that it's now an ongoing theme within our organization. Accezz kick-started that."

The need for improvement
Marco sees a wealth of financial knowledge and process expertise at Accezz, but Zonnehuisgroep IJssel-Vecht experienced Accezz's change management as somewhat coercive. "Of course, we need to start using the right tools within our organization, but that also requires a change in mindset among people. You can't always be coercive." Marcel responds: "There was a need for rapid improvement at Zonnehuisgroep IJssel-Vecht. That requires clarity because the only option then is to embrace the change. In a short timeframe, it was necessary to implement a lot of initiatives. The most significant change for me is that managers started focusing on results. You can see that they are much more engaged in this aspect than before." Marco agrees with this assessment.

A plan for sustainability
"It took blood, sweat, and tears, but we did it," Marco reflects contentedly. "Ensuring sustainability was particularly challenging because our merger with Driezorg led to changes in the board of directors and management. Due to changes in management at two locations, the elastic sometimes loosened from the changes implemented." Thanks to the sustainability plan developed in the final phase of the project, the organization quickly regained its footing. Marcel: "A robust sustainability plan is a crucial part of our work, providing the organization with something to fall back on." Marco agrees: "The governance structure has improved, with clear lines of responsibility. As an organization, we once again have control over our finances and the tools and insights to continue steering them."

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Board member at Zonnehuisgroep IJssel-Vecht

"It involves a significant investment outside the budget, but because it's guaranteed to be recouped, it's a justified decision."

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