Our values

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Every alliance starts with a pact. From that point of departure, we work together by being physically present, taking employees by hand and constantly providing feedback at all levels. Ninety per cent of the work is done on the work floor, so we implement and secure the changes there as well.

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Behavioural change can feel abstract, so we make it tangible and measurable. Based on an analysis, we determine the desired result and what that yields. We link this with a unique guarantee: if the financial results remain behind at the end of the project, our project costs will lapse.

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Our consultants are change engineers who do things differently, with verve. They provide insight, but above all, they are decisive and empathetic. By sticking out their highly developed social feelers, they realize a lasting behavioural change with you and your people.

What we stand for and go for


It is our passion to help organizations realize their dreams and ambitions. Craftsmanship and alliance are central to our working method. We use the Accezz Method to perfect processes and stimulate professionalism. The result: a supported behavioural change that ensures more job satisfaction and a more effective running organization.

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We make change logical, understandable and realistic. Step by step, organization by organization, person by person. So that everyone can participate in a world that is changing rapidly due to (technological) developments. And so that you can continue to fulfil your dreams.

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Approach with impact

The Accezz methode

Structural improvement requires a practical method. We realize the change ambitions we record in our joint pact using the Accezz Method. With a strong focus on analysis, implementation and securing behavioural change.


In the analysis phase, we investigate opportunities for improvement in work processes, systems, behaviour and financial results. We also closely examine the values and working methods of the management. This free multi-week analysis is our investment in you.


An experienced team of consultants develops and implements the improvements. In the workplace, with employees and management at every level, improving and implementing systems and processes ensures a high ROI (200 - 300%).


Long-term results. Employees are trained in the Accezz Method to guarantee assurance after completing the process. The reporting system and the baseline measurement make the effect of the Accezz process permanently measurable. Four semi-annual audits are included.


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Change is not a threat, but an opportunity

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