For Roessingh Rehabilitation Center, Accezz conducted a comprehensive analysis. Where this is usually followed by the implementation of findings, Roessingh takes the initiative to work with the results themselves. "Through the analysis, our employees have a clear picture of where change needs to take place."

Revealing blind spots
Roessingh chose Accezz's analysis to provide their teams with a 'snapshot' of their organization, which they could then reflect on themselves. "We trust that our employees will approach this in a constructive manner," says board member Ronald Spanjers. "We sought people who have done this before, who shed light on our blind spots and can also suggest improvements." He acknowledges that there was some skepticism beforehand, but positive stories from colleague healthcare institutions across the country persuaded Roessingh to proceed. "Accezz doesn't just come in with a quick fix tool; they provide a deeper insight into the organization and expose the potential for improvement."

Encouraging ownership
For Roessingh's board, it was important to emphasize beforehand that the Accezz team was there to observe and that the analysis truly belongs to the employees and not the board. This creates a safe environment for all employees and encourages ownership of individual and team development. The experiences on the ground with Accezz's analysts and consultants were positive: "We truly worked together in an open environment. Accezz's expertise was recognized, which led to a high acceptance rate of the proposed changes."

Empowering team leaders
The analysis was conducted with Accezz's characteristic hands-on approach. Processes and systems were scrutinized, and data was analyzed to understand productivity figures. But equally important: there were on-site studies and discussions with a representative cross-section of the organization. "With special attention to the team leaders," says Paul, an experienced analyst involved in the project. "Roessingh invested a lot of time and attention in recruiting and selecting team leaders. They were added as a new hierarchical layer to the organization to accelerate decision-making at the team level and organize and monitor processes. On the very first day of the analysis, we spoke with all team leaders," Paul explains the approach. "Our analysis recommended closely monitoring that the tasks and responsibilities of the new team leaders remain clear. In addition to appointing and training team leaders, there was also ample focus on education. Their role is most effective when they can truly focus on coaching and guiding their team."

Creating a comprehensive overview
Another finding from the analysis is that patient inflow and outflow were not centrally organized but managed at the team level. "This leads to a lack of comprehensive overview and consumes a lot of different people's time," concludes Paul. "We recommended Roessingh to centralize this at a transfer desk." Paul highlights an important additional advantage: "With a good overview of inflow and outflow, you can also make much better schedules."

The analysis revealed an exceptionally high number of changes in the schedule after it was released. "This was partly due to an outdated scheduling system but also due to the choice: which authority does the scheduling bureau have? There was a separate schedule for doctors and therapists. The desire was to merge these into one scheduling bureau with a comprehensive overview of all agendas."

Confidence in the future
Roessingh's employees are pleased with the valuable insights they gained. Under the leadership of the team leaders, the organization is implementing the findings to utilize the improvement potential. "There is a positive atmosphere, even within the different teams," observed Paul during the feedback session some time after the analysis was completed. "They are actively working with the insights from our analysis and making significant progress."

For Roessingh, insight into improvement potential only strengthens their confidence in the future. "We are implementing some improvements immediately, while intentionally leaving others for later. You can't tackle everything at once," says board member Ronald. "We are impressed with the results of the analysis. Where Accezz was recommended to us, we are happy to make the same recommendation to fellow healthcare institutions."

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"We are impressed with the results of the analysis."

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