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Who wants change and who wants to change?” Getting an upbeat response to the first question is usually not so hard. But what about the second one? Change is, however, sometimes inevitable. This was certainly the case for Zorggroep Oude en Nieuwe Land, a care group operating in Steenwijkerland, Urk and Noordoostpolder and offering a comprehensive range of services, from elderly and youth care to social care. Aside from having to take measures to balance its books, the group was dealing with the impact of major reforms in the health care system and needed to avoid jeopardising the continuity of care it provided. It was also aware that to cope successfully with future challenges, it was necessary to restructure its operations and become smarter, leaner and more efficient. To be future-proof, the entire organisation − all employees on every level − had to adopt a different way of thinking, organising and acting. Accezz was therefore brought in to offer advice and guidance and to help implement appropriate measures that would bring about the desired behavioural and cultural changes.

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Change to improve

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