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At De Twentse Zorgcentra people with intellectual and/or multiple disabilities live, work and relax in beautiful environments while receiving professional support. Annamiek van Dalen, board member of De Twentse Zorgcentra, says: “The last few years have been dominated by the pandemic and our clients have had a tough time. Their loved ones as well as our staff have found circumstances difficult too.”

Annamiek states: “The situation has been reflected in our results as additional COVID-related investments and a limited intake of new clients left their mark. We also had to discontinue daytime activities or at least adjust formats. Fortunately, Accezz had already helped us improve how we manage our residential groups and activities.”

During this period, it was important for the organisation to maintain a clear results-oriented focus. Annemiek continues: “That is one of our strategic priorities and we have continued to monitor results regardless of the challenges. We wanted to uphold a high standard of care within a shifting financial climate, while prioritising a safe and healthy living and working environment for clients and employees. Our goal was to overcome certain fixed patterns and Accezz brought the expertise that helped us move forward.”

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