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Why did Liberein decide to hire Accezz for an efficiency programme?

According to Elo Gramsbergen, board member, “Accezz works because its consultants speak not only the language of healthcare but also the language of the different treatment disciplines. For us, ensuring that clients have a meaningful day is crucial. Accezz connects our goals and mission with its language and message to our people.”

Elo notes that Accezz encouraged various practitioners, such as occupational therapists, psychologists, physiotherapists and specialists in geriatric medicine, to think about ways of harmonising work processes so that services could be improved services for clients. “It involved working together to set new standards,”. he says. “That can be difficult, especially if it feels like concessions have to be made. However, Accezz had collected all the necessary details and information in the analysis phase. This certainly made things a lot easier because their analysis was watertight and that helped generate acceptance.”

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