According to a Heijmans site manager, the Accezz programme has resulted in more insight and less downtime. Heijmans recognised the classic improvement cycle in the Accezz approach, which begins with setting targets. This happened in the analysis phase in which Accezz identified areas for improvement and subsequently presented an improvement plan. But that is only the start!

Efficiency starts with you
During the implementation phase, which lasted several months, Accezz International introduced a coherent project management checklist comprising all activities, which is to be completed by the site team as soon as work is assigned. This checklist was devised in collaboration with project, site and operations managers. As a result, one of the site managers says, "Contract variations are now being closely monitored. This has two advantages: subcontractors are more precise than before and as deviations are recent, they can be better identified and are thus easier to settle." In addition, there is now also an improved ‘flow’ in the early stages of a project, allowing staff to focus more on things that really matter.

From system to behaviour
Accezz consultants spent almost every day on the work floor implementing the proposed improvements in collaboration with staff. The checklist and other tools were specially designed for Heijmans and were not intended to be an endpoint in themselves, but a means to an end. It involved changing behaviour on site to bring about more profitable construction projects. The various systems and tools were devised to ensure that behaviour change could be measured quantitatively. All operational managers were guided in their individual growth process, which always took on board personal motives and incentives. Mr Kwaks, Director of Heijmans, looks back on a successful change process: "At every level of management, significant improvements were made in the areas of communication, management behaviour, cost control and reporting. "

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Change to improve

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