Your role

As a junior consultant you work with a great team of Accezz colleagues to improve operational performance within an organization. Together with the other consultants, you make processes more efficient and you train managers to lead more effectively. You don't just give advice, but you guide the customer towards the actual realization of improvements. You achieve this by being with the customer every day, often for a period of 6 to 9 months.

You also have your own responsibility for achieving results in a process or in a department. Gradually you will be deployed at several customer organizations.

But who will use your valuable skills…?


Since 2007 we shine our light on organizations in health care, industry and logistics. Each with their own strategy, processes and systems, people and customers. At Accezz, we work together as allies on behavioral change and process optimization - and we implement and safeguard that change within the organization. So that we can realize dreams and ambitions.Our consultants like to do their work a little differently. Practical and lean. With verve. They are fully visible in the workplace, because – lets get real - there are already enough ‘spreadsheet superheroes’. Let us extend our highly developed social feelers and forge an alliance with organizations and especially with the people who work there. If we bring about a change in behavior, it pays off. This is evident from our enormous track record. Behavioral change may feel abstract, but we make it tangible and measurable. Based on an analysis, we determine the desired result and what that will yield. We link this to a unique guarantee: if the financial results don’t add up at the end of the project, our project costs will no longer be applied. That is possible, soley because we experience time and time again that our Accezz Method works.

What do we offer you?

At Accezz we believe that high-quality projects can only be delivered by high-quality people. We therefore take as much care of our consultants as our clients. In this way we offer you the opportunity to grow quickly on both a personal and professional level. Our appreciation is also reflected in our compensation. With good performance comes financial growth.


Check off list!


- like to be part of a team of experienced consultants who will familiarize you with our Accezz Method step by step.
- gained at least two years of work experience after completing your higher education or academic education.
- are sociable and outgoing - and able to establish and maintain professional relationships.
- can deal with resistance, are stress-resistant and can motivate people.
- write and speak Dutch fluently.
- don't mind being away from home a lot and don't have a 9-to-5 mentality.
- have the drive to only leave when an assignment has been successfully completed.
- have the ambition to grow into medior consultant or project manager.

Check, that's me! What can I do?

You can also contact her for more information about the position.
We are always looking for good candidates, which is why the vacancy remains open. If you apply immediately with the right profile, we will make an appointment at a time that suits you.

Change to improve

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